The amazing Babylon

The Best Hebrew Dictionary for English Speakers

State of the art, Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew dictionary
6,200,000 (yes, over six million) words and 300,000 Expressions and idioms!

    What makes Babylon so special?

  • It has a high resolution green display with a pleasant dark blue text color, especially designed to reduce eye fatigue.
  • This is the only dictionary that includes *all* the Hebrew verbs -- each with all its possible conjugations! This means that every word and every verb, (in any form and in any tense), is already in Babylon.
  • Babylon allows searching for expressions that include multiple words.
  • Babylon also allows you to toggle between words in any sentence and instantly translate each word while still keeping your current search active.
  • You can bookmark desired words and their translations for later focused study.

Why does Babylon leave all other electronic translators far behind?

The major complaint users of Hebrew/English dictionaries is the frustration caused by not finding (inflected) words in their dictionary. But with the new Babylon dictionary, you do not need to know the root or infinitive of the Hebrew word -- you simply enter the word as it appears in the Bible (or other literature), and Babylon will automatically give you the definition! Babylon ALSO translates entire sentences and phrases!

This is where Babylon leaves ALL other dictionaries far, far behind! With its huge 6,200,000 word base and 300,000 expressions, Babylon will find for you every word and every verb in every possible conjugation!

Babylon finds your word before you finish typing it!

Babylon "thinks" ahead.  As soon as you type the first letter, Babylon starts searching and narrows its search as you type more letters. You almost never need to type the entire word you are looking for -- Babylon already knows what you are looking for and displays your word and related expressions with this word.  All you need to do is to select it and press ENTER for instant translation.

In addition, Babylon takes full advantage of it huge 16MB memory (all other dictionaries range between half a MB to 1.5 MB) and gives you, alongside definitions, more wordy explanations.  [Please note: Transliterations and nikkudot (vowel marks) are not supported.]

More Great Features

  • It fits perfectly in your hand!
    The first and only electronic Hebrew dictionary that is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.
    It is so pleasant to hold and use that you won't want to put it down!
  • Keyboard layout is identical to your computer's keyboard.
    This smart design saves you time and hassle searching for the desired keys.
  • Slim, high quality batteries.
    Babylon uses two CR2032 batteries (same kind that are used with high precision fine electronic instruments such as digital cameras).
  • Huge 16 MB memory!
    10 to 20 times greater capacity than the average Hebrew/English dictionary.
  • Includes easy to follow User's Manual in both Hebrew and English.
    Even if you are a beginner in Hebrew you can use it easily.
  • Other tools!
    Babylon also includes additional applications such as Calculator, Telephone Directory, Memo, Metric Conversion, Currency Conversion, and an Alarm Clock.
  • Carrying Case
    Babylon comes with a fine leather carrying case and a clear plastic cover to protect the screen and the keyboard.


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