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BMitzvah Personal

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Download install and run In 3 Clicks: (Windows platform only)

Click 1: Click here to download the program (about 2 megabytes).
We recommend saving BMitzvah to the folder c:\desktop
(that will put an icon on your windows "desktop") so that you can find it easily.

Click 2: Double click on the program icon.
This automatically installs the program on your system.

Click 3: Find the Icon on your desktop and run
BMitzvah .

For help on BMitzvah
please click on Owner's Guide and print it out.

You may run the full program up to 5 times for free before registering.

If you decide to order the program, please send your full name, telephone, address and credit card
information to sales@levsoftware.com or order from our secure on-line store.
Your investment for BMitzvah personal (one portion) is $89.95.

To register, please click on Register Program

You will find your serial number on the top left corner of your registration screen.

You will receive a license within 24 hours.

For more information about BMitzvah
please visit BMitzvah

animated email Your comments and suggestions:

If you need additional help please call Lev Software 954-385-1919