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Here's what people are saying about Lev Software...

"TODAH !!!! I have been using my LEV Software for 3 months now, and as I learn more ways to apply this resource, the more pleased I become with this product !!!!!

I teach Biblical Hebrew, and as a Gentile, I am at a disadvantage occassionally with pronounciation. Your PGM has solved this issue completely. Additionally, this skill in determining proper pronounciation has not only improved my teaching to my students, it has given better insight and appreciation of the Tanakh, as you state on the cover... I have acquired a CHUMASH [Torah w/rabbinical commentary + reading supplements] and every day it has given me new joys unlocked before my eyes, as I use your software.

I am thrilled with the software!!! Great Product!!!"

Rev. Dave Parmenter, HI

"I Can Read the Prayers in Hebrew is a wonderful program, I use it with my pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah class. It's an excellent way to give them practice reading the prayers that they need to learn. I love how it breaks down the words into syllables, and gives the students all the right options for their studies."

Chuck Mitchell, Hebrew Teacher Anshai Emeth Religious School Peoria, IL

"Thank you so much for sending us the Torah portion again. I want to let you know that your program, "BMitzvah", was an incredible teaching tool. It also allowed her to study on her own.

My daughter and I are going to Israel tomorrow for her Bat-Mitzvah, and with a little help from Mom as well she was able to learn her portion extremely well. Thank you so much for developing this program."

Adele Makow, CA

"What a privilege to be alive and endeavoring to learn the language of our God! How very blessed we are. As Pastor, Teacher and Student of the word, I take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to God and you for this great company, "Lev Software". Your teaching software "I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew" is a tool that will bless all who desire to read Hebrew or translate it. I have found it to be practical, fun and exciting.

The color and voice systems reinforce everything I have learned or have been introduced to. The break down of syllables is an added plus to the understanding of the language. This is a well-planned and exquisite program.

Although we are miles apart, help is just one click away on the computer, or just one dial away, as it was for me. I thank you for the great follow up and assistance when I didn't understand. Again, Thank You! For this is a company with integrity and great compassion"

Annie Rogers, Shreveport, LA

"I am compelled to write you and say thank you. Your I Can Read The Bible in Hebrew software is by far the best tool I have found for learning Biblical Hebrew. The value to cost ratio is exceptional and so I've added it also to my laptop so when I travel I can continue learning. But also I want to thank you for all the assistance you both gave me when I installed the program. Your personal guideance and assistance speaks well of both you and your company.

You make it a pleasure to do business with you. I look forward to a continuing business relationship as you add additional products."

William O'Haver, Appleton, WI

"I LOVE this program - I'm new to Hebrew, and I've been looking for something just like this to help me learn the blessings, specifically. And your software does it simply, elegantly, easily, and most importantly, in a way that is actually fun and is helping me learn faster than anything else I've tried! Thank you."

David Ellison, Tacoma WA

"Dear Lev Software, thank you for your help and patience. Not only will you help my child with his Torah portion but you have made me more computer savvy. I thank you for your help. We live in a small town and are one of few Jewish families in the area. My chidren are able to embrace our heritage being truly strangers in a strange land. People like you make it easier for the misplaced like me."

Donna Neshek, UK

"BMitzvah Pro has truly "revolutionized" our bar/bat mitzvah training. Just the transliteration feature alone has been incredibly helpful for those few children who just need the extra "push" to help them learn the Hebrew text. The disk is very user friendly and the Hebrew and English extremely clear, consistent and legible."

Rabbi Jon Haddon, Temple Shearith Israel, Ridgefield, CT

"I cannot tell you how much I love this wonderful site! I am trying to improve my Hebrew, and after I work it out, Serve-a-Verse lets me check my pronunciation, and catch all my mistakes. I learned a tremendous amount just the first time I tried it. Thank you for this extremely useful tool. As soon as you have a version for Mac, I will buy it!"

Sandra Goodman, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I'm so pleased with the BMitzvah software. My daughter's Bat Mitzvah is still over a year away, and this has given her a head start on the learning process. I particularly love that she must actually learn to read the text, then apply the melody. Our rabbi has commented on how much better her Hebrew reading skills have become overall.

My daughter loves that she can adjust the tempo and the key of the music. Each night she spends just a few minutes with the program and she shows steady, excellent progress. Thank you for a program that is easy to use and delivers on its promises."

Michelle Star, Stroudsburg, PA

"What a wonderful concept! I don't know how a friend of mine found you, but your software could be a truly enormous aid to me. Instead of having to transcribe huge sections by hand and put them into my music scores, I can now use your software to hand me verses. You will be an incredible time saver."

John Wheeler, King David's Harp, Inc.

"Shalom, I just wanted to say thanks, this is really special and I am very thankful for all of you. Many of the ladies in our Shul are having difficulty with Hebrew, so I will pass your material onto our entire Shul, they will be delighted. Anyway, thanks and Baruch Hashem!"

Ron G. Rand, Greenville, TX

"I just found your Hebrew Bible site tonight, and wanted to let you know I just thank G-d for leading me to it. Thank you so much for making this."

Shirley McWhirter, Decatur, TX

"Our first Bat Mitzvah with which we used your software was this past weekend, and it went beautifully! Our Rabbi and several others said it was the most proficient reading from a Bar or Bat Mitzvah we have had in the congregation since he has been there (I think it has been 12 years). So, congratulations to you too!"

Tricia Dailey, Albuquerque, NM

"Thanks to the Bar Mitzvah Personal Tutor System, my son Craig Nathan was able to complete his Bar Mitzvah without any formal Hebrew lessons. He was able to learn Hebrew, conduct the ceremony, chant and read from the Torah, all with the assistance of the Lev Software programs."

Dr. Neil Baum, New Orleans, LA

"I am pleased to recommend Lev Software's Hebrew learning programs. We have used their system extensively with groups of students to teach prayers, not only to sing but to understand the words and concepts behind them. We have also seen a lot of good results by students studying for Bar/Bat Mitzvah who have used the System. Students today seem to be very comfortable learning with computers."

David Goldsmith, Principal, Temple Beth-El School, Richmond, VA

"One of the most phenomenal things I've ever seen for kids!"

Lawrence Freedman, Director of Education, Hebrew Academy, FL

"Everyone almost gave up on me until I started using Lev Software's programs and began to really learn the Hebrew. I'll never forget it now."

13-year old Jonathan Sweet, Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you so very much for your support in preparation for my adult Bat Mitzvah! Because of my Torah Tutor I was able to confidently chant my Torah portion in front of 3000 people. What a wonderful piece of software!"

Lori Rachel Shapiro, Tallahasee, FL

"Rarely has there been a significantly creative and innovative educational system introduced into the Jewish educational field as LEV Software's Hebrew computer programs."

Dr. Moshe Dror, Principal, Temple Beth Israel, Sunrise, FL

"Lev Software has brought Bar Mitzvah preparation into the 21st century".

Jerusalem Post, International Edition

"Your Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Hebrew Series was exactly what I needed to have the confidence to speak Hebrew during my last visit to Israel."

Bruce Jacobs, Chicago, IL

"Children who are preparing for Bar/Bat Mitzvah have found this material so much easier to use than the old fashion tape systems and so much more fun. One student in particular had a great deal of difficulty, but finally for his Bar Mitzvah he was able to sing the Haftara so beautifully and musically that no one could have suspected that for months this task seemed the impossible dream. Thank you LEV Software"

Rabbi Allan Meyerowitz, Congregation Shomrei Emunah, Montclair, NJ

"We would like to thank you for your Bar Mitzvah Tutor. Matthew's Bar Mitzvah was the 6th and he did a good job thanks to your software. Since the software was on the computer and he likes the computer so much, it was easy to get him to study. Thanks again!"

David Olmstead, Blue Springs, MO

"I love digging into the original languages during my Bible study! There's nothing like studying the original Hebrew & Greek right alongside my other studies. However, I have a problem actually reading the Bible in these original languages, especially the pronunciation. While I had good Greek pronunciation tools, I needed something for the Hebrew.

That's when I discovered Lev Software's I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew. The program is so easy to use! Just choose your Hebrew text, & click on a syllable, it will give an instant pronunciation in your choice of a masculine or feminine voice! In addition, you can have the program begin to read the Hebrew for you, then you can later come back, record in your own voice, & listen to you read the Hebrew text yourself!

But it doesn't stop there. Advanced viewing & printing options make I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew perfect for instructors wanting to teach beginner Hebrew classes, while also making the text easier for the home user to learn.

I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew is also the perfect addition to your Bible library product. Simply scale down the window, & while you're reading in a Hebrew Bible, simply point I Can Read the Bible to the right passage to hear an instant pronunciation! Can it get any better!

Simply put, I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew is the perfect program for anyone who wants to learn how to read the Bible in Hebrew. Thanks again for your help & for making such a great program!"

Nathan Parker, AR