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Read The Old Testament In It's Original Language.

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BibleinHebrew.com is an app that presents the Old Testament in a whole new way. Experience the Hebrew Bible like never before!

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Experience the Hebrew Bible like never before!

The only single-verse audio visual service available online!
See, hear, and decode any verse or range of verses up to full books from the Old Testament in Hebrew.

Cross-Browser And Device

Ready to use on your smartphone or tablet, at home or on the go

Verse-By-Verse Audio

Listen to individual verses or a whole range of verses in the Bible's original languages

Custom Transliteration

See how the Hebrew is pronounced syllable-by-syllable and follow along easily

Multi-Language Translations

Choose as many translations as you want and see them stacked on top of each other

Keyword Search

Search the Bible in Hebrew and other languages

Custom Display Features

Change the size, color, and font of the Hebrew, and show vowels and cantillation symbols

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